Faith NY

We first caught Felice Rosser and Faith at CBGB’s in the late 90’s and in and instant were hooked by the band.  Powerful, emotional, passionate, soul filled rock music, and simply put one of the sickest bands to emerge out of NYC this is a real treat for music lovers.  The New York Times says “one of the most promising bands…the trio mixes hard rock, funk and reggae into exhilarating pop as its bassist, Felice Rosser, sings in a voice both plangent and wailing.”

Nao Hakamada, Paddy Boom and Rosser comprise the trio ready to take the Argos Inn stage with a sound so hot they’ll turn this spring into summer!

Bands run by women typically exude distinctive moods and ‘tudes, but none more subtly compelling than the Delphic aura given off by the tall and tan young lovely who straps on her ax to deliver tunes that are not rock, not funk, not r&b, so much as deeply soulful tone poems backed by multiculti dream pop. – Village Voice

Even though its instrumentation is electric and its approach is rooted in rock ‘n’ soul, Faith has more in common with the emotive strength of Tracy Chapman or Joan Armatrading than, say, Mother’s Finest or the Bad Brains. At the heart of Faith’s sound is bassist/vocalist Felice Rosser, whose down-to-earth presence imbues Faith’s music with warm sensuality and emotion in every vocal line. – CMJ New Music Report

After a slow start that owed more to the Moody Blues than, say, the Isley Brothers, the trio…Nailed all of its varied grooves, from pre-dancehall reggae to early Talking Heads art riffs to pounding pummeling funk-rock rhythms. – New York Newsday

Faith deserves an underlit nightclub of their own as the only New York band who understands that psychedelia is more mood music than Roger Corman themes, their vibrant songs are just soulful enough to remind us Phoebe Snow could’ve been the real acid queen. – New York Press


If Nina Simone had a power trio with a rock/soul and reggae flair, it would sound something like this. A five song EP that I still play regularly, it is one of the most unique sounding voices I have heard this whole year. This is the simple kind of

music that is usually ruined with overproduction. Thank God that isn’t the case here. Along with Erica Stoltz, the bass player from Wide Right who was doing sound that night for us, we stood like mouth breathing townies in amazement

at what we were hearing. It is very accessible and radio friendly, but that shouldn’t deter any low fi and/or indie enthusiasts. Her voice, her bass playing, and the punch her band mates hit you with will win you over. I know this is a contradiction of terms but her demeanor seems both mature and innocent. That unique balance only adds to the allure

of her tunes. One of the best live acts I saw this year. – Doug DeFalco, Talent Buyer, Southpaw

Faith has already become one of the best sounding bands to be heard anywhere. Ms. Rosser is a fine songwriter with easily 6 or 7 monster hits just waiting to be labeled. – Metro Exchange 



Ides of March – Willie B, Anna Coogan and Johnny Dowd

Born in Boston and raised in rural Vermont, Anna Coogan has been deeply involved with music for as long as she can remember. Originally training to be an opera singer, she studied at Das Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria before turning to songwriting. Now celebrating her tenth year as a performing songwriter, Coogan has released five critically acclaimed full- length records and toured extensively around the US and Europe, including performances at the Blue Balls Festival (CH), Celtic Connections (UK), Glasgow Americana, (UK) and the Maverick Festival (UK).

Willie B was born Brian Wilson on February 13, 1975, and grew up on the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts.  The first records he owned, Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, John Coltrane “Love Supreme”, and Led Zeppelin “Presence”, left a huge impression on his childhood. At age 12, he tried to convince his parents, after years of pestering, to let him get a set of drums. After a few summers painting houses, he finally earned enough money and walked down to the local music shop, and bought the first set he saw.  Drumming for many bands through his high school he went off to college in Ithaca, NY.   After a year of school, Willie headed back to his hometown area to teach drumming at DiCenso’s Drum Shop in Quincy, MA. Although teaching proved to be an invaluable experience, Willie returned to Ithaca, NY to pursue some promising musical projects. He played drums for various bands and recording projects working with producer Alex Perialas of Anthrax and Bad Religion fame.

Forth Worth, Memphis and Pauls Valley, Oklahoma have all had the great fortune of  Johnny Dowd calling them home.   Now based in Ithaca so long we consider him a hometown hero, Dowd’s music is specifically his own.  After receiving a record player for Christmas in 1956 he was inspired by an early age by the sounds of Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Ray Charles and James Brown. a singer-songwriter his work has been called absurd, gothic, humorous, and romantic.

Boston’s up first with a set from Anna Coogan and Willie B, then Johnny Dowd takes the stage.  This free show is open to the public!