Stark Nights – MSZM

Michael Stark is known (and around Argos!) for being one of the most dynamic musicians in town.  He warmed up our winter, now its time for him to show us what an Ithaca summer is all about!  Joined by Zaun Marshburn (Wingnut) Michael brings his expressive piano playing once again to Bar Argos!  MSZM is one of Argos Inn’s favorite bands and we are thrilled to welcome them back!

Dylan Lippencott

Come join us this Sunday and listen to our local Dylan Lippencott!

Outlaw music direct from Hector. Dylan writes songs and observations that often go unnoticed.


Venissa Santi

If we were to ask you what you liked better between Jazz and Afro-Cuban music what would you say? Chances are you would stop and stumble for a few minutes without knowing what to say because both of these genres are fabulous.  At Argos Inn we are making it easy for you by bringing the world reknown Venissa Santi.

Santi, a Cuban American brings the best of both worlds to music, she embraces and combines her Latin roots with her American upbringing. Like many first generation Americans, she grew up answering her parents’ Spanish with English, and it wasn’t until she started teaching in Philadelphia, that Santi reclaimed her other birth language. She connected with her Cuban heritage through music, particularly when she started to explore the songs of her grandfather, the Cuban composer Jacobo Ros Capablanca.

After studying jazz at the Philadelphia University of the Arts, Santi realized that she didn’t want to be described as just a Jazzist, there was more to her than that. She discovered that her homeland was a place of great musical tradition and Santi knew she wanted to be a part of it. She went to La Habana to learn from popular Cuban musicians like Gregorio El Goyo Hernandez and the ensemble Yoruba Andabo. In Cuba she got in touch with her roots and incorporated the Afro Cuban style into her music.

Her latest album, Big Stuff, is a great example of this. Big Stuff, is a tribute to one of her greatest influences, Billie Holiday. Santi adds Afro Cuban flare in Holiday’s music and takes Holiday to Cuba. Though her phrasing occasionally echoes Holiday’s, she carves a far different stylistic path, favoring a misty coolness.


Venissa Santi is an artist like no other; her music is new, fresh, and soulful. Santi has constructed a sound of her own.


Rosie Altucher – Senior Project Show

Rosie Altucher, a graduating senior from LACS, will bring her special set to Argos Inn!

Rosie’s preferred method of songwriting includes poorly lit rooms and inclement weather. She has been writing music under these conditions since she fell in love with the process of putting words to music when she was 13. The band includes Jacob Friga on the bass and keyboard, Cody Zusman on the cello, and Jackson Q. Gray on the drums. All of her songs are not so secretly about foreign policy and the Cuban missile crisis.


Doors open at 7pm!

Bronwen Exter

Bronwen Exter’s début album “Elevator Ride” (2006) garnered comparisons to Rickie Lee Jones and the Cowboy Junkies, among others. Performing Songwriter wrote, “OK, picture this: Lou Reed and Astrud Gilberto have a baby. She’s raised by the band Mazzy Star until the age of 16, when she falls in love with James Bond and runs away to Argentina.” At once visceral and sophisticated, fresh and retro, “Elevator Ride,” was named for a suicidal lyric that evokes the moments before a socialite’s tumble from the top of a skyscraper.

To record “Elevator Ride,” Exter drew together two producers: the brooding, prolific Englishman Jonathan Spottiswoode of NYC cult underground band Spottiswoode and His Enemies, and Kenny Siegal, ringleader of rock and roll band Johnny Society. At Siegal’s haunted organ museum in Catskill, NY that houses Old Soul Studios (where he has also recorded Beirut, Langhorne Slim, Joseph Arthur and Chris Whitley), with Brian Geltner on drums and engineer Tom Schick (Ryan Adams, Rufus Wainwright, Norah Jones), the record they made on vintage analog gear brought together the trademark rawness and punchiness of Siegal, the noir cinema of Spottiswoode’s songwriting, and the breathy vulnerability of Exter’s singing.

Tracks from “Elevator Ride” have been featured on primetime television (Six DegreesThe Secret Circle) and in the Dreamworks/ Paramount Pictures 2010 release “She’s Out Of Your League.”


Hank Roberts

Tonight’s opening act is a newly formed band called Sky Girl.

Sky Girl features the original songs of singer-songwriter Lucia Roberts. She has been playing and performing since she was a young child under the guidance of her father Hank Roberts. Her rock-steady rhythm, guitar playing and beautifully complex vocal melodies full of diverse musical ornaments create the fabric for imaginary dreamscapes about love, friendship and adventure. The band is dynamically backed up by Hank Roberts on cello and voice, and Jake Roberts on guitar and voice.


Following this exciting act, we are hosting one of Ithaca’s finest: Hank Roberts and friends featuring Chad Lieberman, Michael Stark and Greg Evans. To listen to Hank speak about this particular arrangement is so inspiring and is a night to remember!  Ithaca’s own Matt Saccucimorano is recording the set, so don’t miss your chance to be a part of the music! Over his nearly four-decade career, Hank Roberts has forged a compelling original voice on the cello, encompassing abstract improvisation and soulful folk melodies, intricate new-music compositions and vigorous rock songs.

Hank Robert’s European critics have praised his latest album, Everything Is Alive where they commented on Hanks’ unique style.

Südkurier: “From the beginning this music opens the horizon. […] Since the 80s Hank Roberts has achieved for his instrument […] a completely new position that he keeps on strengthening. Genre limits are too narrow for him, important is his own fusion of elements, which are brought together in an improvisational way…

Music full of air, lightness and delight in playing, characterized by listening and reacting to each other, sustained by a natural sound and elevating the listener to comforting spheres.”            January 13, 2012




Garrin Benfield

This Friday we’re hosting the brilliant Garrin Benfield, a New York City based musician. Garrin Benfield’s sound has been described as Freestyle Acoustic Rock. His music is a blend of moody, guitar driven rock and polyrhythmic groove all run through the filter of a very serious Singer/Songwriter. His talent shines through as a solo artist when he flat-picks his way through complicated and lightning-fast arrangements and also while he uses a Loop Station to create mesmerizing soundscapes upon which he lays blistering rock, blues and jazz licks, darkened by his extensive use of effect pedals. As a bandleader, Garrin can command the attention of seasoned players and improvise with the dexterity and ingenuity of players many years his senior. Improvisation is at the center of a Garrin Benfield concert experience. Whether at a solo show or at a full band event, Garrin twists and turns the tunes each night in an ever-evolving attempt to keep searching for new musical challenges.


Djangoners CD Release Party

Today, Django Reinhardt’s music is enjoying a resurgence in popularity and The Djangoners are carrying on his legacy true to its tradition featuring Bobby Henrie on lead guitar, Eric Aceto on violin, Harry Aceto on “Manouche” rhythm guitar and Brian Williams on upright bass. These fine players have each been on the professional music scene for over 40 years playing in many different genres but they came together on this project with a common love of Django’s music and a desire to perform it with the same enthusiasm and spirit as it was originally played in the 1930s. They’ve achieved that objective handsomely!

The Djangoners take their inspiration from Django Reinhardt and his famous Jazz band from late-1930s Paris & London – “The Hot Club of France” – arguably, the most famous Jazz band Europe ever produced.  Django Reinhardt was born into a family of Gypsies and began playing music early but, at age 18, he was seriously injured in a fire that rendered two fingers on his left hand useless and doctors believed he would never play guitar again. Reinhardt persevered in rehabilitation and developed a fingering technique using only two fingers for his spectacular guitar solos. In mid-1930s Paris, Django joined forces with violinist, Stephane Grappelli and formed the Hot Club of France which went on to a prolific recording and performance career popularizing Django’s original compositions and his renditions of American Jazz classics.

Come support their music and purchase the new CD – “En Direct et Endiable” (Live & Swingin’)- at a special price of $10 for everyone who comes to the show.

For music clip and videos click here!

Stark Nights presents: Moog Nights

Wild synthesizer improvisations/drum n bass with the OAE. Argos Inn pre-party for the awesome Switched-On: The Birth of the Moog Synthesizer exhibition opening event this weekend at The History Center!

Orbiting Art Ensemble featuring: Trevor Pinch (moog expert, author of Analog Days: The Invention and Impact of the Moog Synthesizer), Marc Doty (Moog Foundation), Rick Hansen (Horseflies/Plastic Nebraska), Matthew Saccuccimorano (Black Castle), Jesse Hill (live art sound painting), anchored by Michael Stark.