Game Night

Its Game Night at Argos Inn!  Choose from the large array of games we have provided like Jenga, Uno, Catan and Trains of Europe or bring your own!

Game Night

We can all agree that the worst day of the week is Monday, it has been scientifically proven since the beginning of our existence. Or at least since workplaces decided that the workweeks should start on Mondays. Don’t you just hate them? You have to work for 4 more days, you’re not close to having any fun and the weekend just ended. Just thinking about it makes anyone feel weary and dreadful (unless you adore your job, like we do at Argos). This is why at Argos Inn we decided to bring YOU some fun! Forget playing Flappy birds and 2048 in your iPhone, come join us and play some classic board games! Well we’ll be playing from classic (Apples to Apples) to not so classic (Cards Against Humanity). Stop dreading Mondays and start looking forwards to them! Bring your friends, partner, cat (oh wait, no cats allowed, sorry!) or just come solo and meet new people. These Mondays are going to give you a great start to your week and to put a cherry on top you can accompany them with some deliciously made artisanal drinks.

Don’t you just love Argos?


Dylan Lippencott

Come join us this Sunday and listen to our local Dylan Lippencott!

Outlaw music direct from Hector. Dylan writes songs and observations that often go unnoticed.


Eric + Erica

Oakland based indie dream pop duo Eric + Erica grace the Argos Inn stage for the second time! Based in Oakland, California Eric + Erica is a duo making music with two voices, an autoharp, a keyboard, and a sampler. Their songs are pop music at their core, dressed up with the unusual shimmer of autoharp; soulful, reverb-drenched electric piano; and beats that are as strong and simple as they are surprising. Erica’s naturally sweet and soaring vocals lead the way, floating dreamily above the music and delivering lyrics that are part tender confession and part bold abstraction, while eric’s low, ragged voice provides a complementary undertone. They write soft dance music, haunting lullabies, and surreal love songs; songs for friends, for children, and for each other. 

The project is born of its time in Oakland, CA, and currently resides exactly in between Durham and Chapel Hill, NC. Listen to “Old Days” here0:

The Grady Girls

The Grady Girls will be performing at Argos Inn with exuberance and style.  Come, join us, and listen to Irish tunes accompanied by artisanal cocktails.

Toe tapping, heart lifting, subtle and smiling, The Grady Girls breathe new life into timeless Irish dance tunes. Family ties are important to these women who have traveled far and wide (Cork, Limerick, Spain and beyond) to study and perform the traditional music of Ireland, music that has been an integral part of their lives since day one. Oona (fiddle), Nora (fiddle), Marie (flute), and Leah (bodhrán) are based in Ithaca, NY, and currently draw musical inspiration from the continuous stream of Irish musicians passing through town and their old time neighbors, exploring the links between different genres of traditional music. 

Venissa Santi

If we were to ask you what you liked better between Jazz and Afro-Cuban music what would you say? Chances are you would stop and stumble for a few minutes without knowing what to say because both of these genres are fabulous.  At Argos Inn we are making it easy for you by bringing the world reknown Venissa Santi.

Santi, a Cuban American brings the best of both worlds to music, she embraces and combines her Latin roots with her American upbringing. Like many first generation Americans, she grew up answering her parents’ Spanish with English, and it wasn’t until she started teaching in Philadelphia, that Santi reclaimed her other birth language. She connected with her Cuban heritage through music, particularly when she started to explore the songs of her grandfather, the Cuban composer Jacobo Ros Capablanca.

After studying jazz at the Philadelphia University of the Arts, Santi realized that she didn’t want to be described as just a Jazzist, there was more to her than that. She discovered that her homeland was a place of great musical tradition and Santi knew she wanted to be a part of it. She went to La Habana to learn from popular Cuban musicians like Gregorio El Goyo Hernandez and the ensemble Yoruba Andabo. In Cuba she got in touch with her roots and incorporated the Afro Cuban style into her music.

Her latest album, Big Stuff, is a great example of this. Big Stuff, is a tribute to one of her greatest influences, Billie Holiday. Santi adds Afro Cuban flare in Holiday’s music and takes Holiday to Cuba. Though her phrasing occasionally echoes Holiday’s, she carves a far different stylistic path, favoring a misty coolness.


Venissa Santi is an artist like no other; her music is new, fresh, and soulful. Santi has constructed a sound of her own.


A Novel Idea – A Collaboration with Buffalo Street Books

Are you tired of the same old routine? Of watching Netflix after a long day of work? Remember those days when you picked up a book and it entertained you for hours on end? Or even if you read frequently, do you ever wish you could share your thoughts with others that are just as passionate as you? Well, at Argos Inn we’re welcoming you once a month to do just that! Come spice things up, catch up with friends and get your intellectual side out over delightful cocktails and books that you will not want to put down.  Hosted by Buffalo Street Books General Manager Asha Sanakar this is an up tempo book club guaranteed to be filled with prizes, fun and laughter. Books are available for sale at Buffalo Street Books or Argos Inn.

This Month: Little, Big by John Crowley’ is the epic story of Smoky Barnable, an anonymous young man who travels by foot from the City to a place called Edgewood – not found on any map – to marry Daily Alice Drinkwater, as was prophesied. It is the story of four generations of a singular family, living in a house that is many houses on the magical border of an otherworld. It is a story of fantastic love and heartrending loss; of impossible things and unshakable destinies; and of the great Tale that envelops us all. It is a wonder.

Hank Roberts

Tonight’s opening act is a newly formed band called Sky Girl.

Sky Girl features the original songs of singer-songwriter Lucia Roberts. She has been playing and performing since she was a young child under the guidance of her father Hank Roberts. Her rock-steady rhythm, guitar playing and beautifully complex vocal melodies full of diverse musical ornaments create the fabric for imaginary dreamscapes about love, friendship and adventure. The band is dynamically backed up by Hank Roberts on cello and voice, and Jake Roberts on guitar and voice.


Following this exciting act, we are hosting one of Ithaca’s finest: Hank Roberts and friends featuring Chad Lieberman, Michael Stark and Greg Evans. To listen to Hank speak about this particular arrangement is so inspiring and is a night to remember!  Ithaca’s own Matt Saccucimorano is recording the set, so don’t miss your chance to be a part of the music! Over his nearly four-decade career, Hank Roberts has forged a compelling original voice on the cello, encompassing abstract improvisation and soulful folk melodies, intricate new-music compositions and vigorous rock songs.

Hank Robert’s European critics have praised his latest album, Everything Is Alive where they commented on Hanks’ unique style.

Südkurier: “From the beginning this music opens the horizon. […] Since the 80s Hank Roberts has achieved for his instrument […] a completely new position that he keeps on strengthening. Genre limits are too narrow for him, important is his own fusion of elements, which are brought together in an improvisational way…

Music full of air, lightness and delight in playing, characterized by listening and reacting to each other, sustained by a natural sound and elevating the listener to comforting spheres.”            January 13, 2012




Garrin Benfield

This Friday we’re hosting the brilliant Garrin Benfield, a New York City based musician. Garrin Benfield’s sound has been described as Freestyle Acoustic Rock. His music is a blend of moody, guitar driven rock and polyrhythmic groove all run through the filter of a very serious Singer/Songwriter. His talent shines through as a solo artist when he flat-picks his way through complicated and lightning-fast arrangements and also while he uses a Loop Station to create mesmerizing soundscapes upon which he lays blistering rock, blues and jazz licks, darkened by his extensive use of effect pedals. As a bandleader, Garrin can command the attention of seasoned players and improvise with the dexterity and ingenuity of players many years his senior. Improvisation is at the center of a Garrin Benfield concert experience. Whether at a solo show or at a full band event, Garrin twists and turns the tunes each night in an ever-evolving attempt to keep searching for new musical challenges.