Argos Presents: Booze School

A 15 week interactive tasting course through the history and geography of alcohol

Argos’ Booze School is an opportunity for enthusiasts to learn the place alcohol holds in global history and culture, providing a holistic lens with which to approach studies of society.

This course offers both broad overviews and pinpoint discussion on a myriad of spirits, touching on diverse topics such as distillation science, influence in art history, and macroeconomics.

Tastings for each course will be available for purchase at the bar during the week if you are unable to attend the Monday session.

Course Syllabus

Mondays 7-8pm at the Argos Inn

Booze School Full Semester Package

Ancient Liqueurs – February 4

American Whiskey – February 11

Tour of Scotland – February 18

Fortified Wines – February 25

The Role of Peat in Scotch – March 4

Cultural History of Absinthe – March 11

Colonialism and R(h)um – March 18

Legacies of Amari – March 25

Chemistry of Vodka – April 1

Agave Spirits: Heart of the Pueblo – April 8

Evolution of Gin – April 15

Brandy & Eau de Vie – April 22

Bitters: Medicine to Cocktails – April 29

History of Mixed Drinks – May 6

Bartending Skills & Techniques – May 13
This class limited to 20 participants.